New York-based Euphoria Fancy Food Incorporated has announced a product recall for its Herring Special Salting product. The fish product was recalled because it is not properly eviscerated, or not eviscerated at all.

The problem of unevisceration was discovered after the state’s Department of Agriculture and the Market Inspectors did an inspection on the products. Results of the inspection showed that the product was not getting gutted before processing. Uneviscerated products like herring and other fish are not allowed to be sold because of the high probability of bacterial contamination in these products.

The recalled herring is packed in un-coded plastic packaging. Each pack has a net weight of 48.58 ounces. This product has been imported from Russia and has been distributed to different retail establishments in the state of New York.

Because the bacteria Clostridium botulinum is mostly found in fishes’ viscera, uneviscerated or ungutted fish products most likely than not, will test positive for Clostridium botulinum. This type of bacteria can cause Botulism, which is a fatal food poisoning in the body. Symptoms of food poisoning or botulism include poor reflexes, blurred vision,  respiratory paralysis and general weakness. Fatalities can occur if the person affected by this food poisoning already has a weakened immune system. When the recall was made however, no incidences of Botulism were reported that are linked to the uneviscerated fish.

For questions about the affected products, consumers can call Euphoria Fancy Food at 718-7683-400. Customers are strongly advised to dispose or discard the product or return it for a replacement or a refund.