Vicks_vaporub1Vicks is a brand that specializes in over-the-counter medications. The two major product lines that have been linked to Vicks are NyQuil and DayQuil. Other products include cough drops, cough medicines, and VapoRub for helping to clear chest congestion. Vicks brand was officially acquired by Proctor & Gamble in 1985.

The history of Vicks brand dates back to 1890 when Lunsford Richardson, a pharmacist, acquired his brother-in-law’s retail drug business in North Carolina. Richardson started marketing Vick’s Family Remedies after seeing an advertisement for Vick’s Seeds. The key ingredients of the Vick’s product range included liniment, vermifuge, and castor oil.

Croup and Pneumonia Salve were first compounded in Greensboro in 1891 and became the most popular remedies. The remedies were then rebranded to Vick’s Magic Croup Salve in 1905. This was prior to being renamed VapoRub in the year 1912 at the instigation of Lunsford’s oldest son, Smith Richardson. After attending college and working for a while in New York and Massachusetts, Smith acquired valuable marketing and sales experience. Following Lunsford’s death in 1919, Smith Richardson became the company’s president.

A notable event in the history of Vicks brand was the 1918 flu epidemic that led to an increase in sales from 900,000 to 2.9 million dollars. Vicks’ presidency was taken over by Edward Mabry in 1948. By this time, the company was named Vick Chemical Company. Proctor & Gamble bought the brand in 1985 and has since then marketed it using the slogan “the only thing more powerful than a mother’s touch.” The popularity of Vicks is evident still. It is among the major household brands found in virtually all homes.

Vicks Products

VapoRub topical ointment

Vapoinhaler for nasal congestion

VapoSteam for humidifiers

VapoDrops cough drops in 2 flavors

NyQuil Cold and Flu and Severe Cold and Flu symptom relief

DayQuil Cold and Flu and Severe Cold and Flu symptom relief

Sinex nasal spray for nasal congestion

Children’s NyQuil

Air Purifiers


Steam Inhalers


Puffs facial tissue with the scent of Vicks



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