Walmart filed a compliant with the National Labor Relations Board against possible disruption of Black Friday activities. The retail giant petitioned NLRB to intervene to prevent planned picketing at their stores during the weekend. Walmart quoted labor laws that limit a union that is seeking representation from picketing 30 days to a vote. The United Food and Commercial Workers is the union that Walmart claims is behind employees who have threatened to strike. The two groups that have threatened action are Making Change at Walmart and OURWalmart.

The NLRB said that it is treating the petition as priority above all charges. The board’s spokesperson said that they were interviewing Walmart associates and trying to get the union’s response. The spokesperson was still unsure on when the decision would be made. If the charge were merited, then the NLRB would have a court injunction sought to enforce its laws.

The retailer accused the union of violating labor laws by threatening the store with mass demonstrations and picketing, intimidating staff and customers, as well as trespassing on the stores’ property, and in-store flash mobs at Walmart stores.

The store chain further claims that the actions of the union are intended to force or require the stores’ employees to select the union or accept it as their union representative.

The NLRB on the other hand is still trying to establish whether picketing did occur at the retailers stores and in the event that it did happen, if the reason was to get recognition for the union. The board has said that it will also investigate OURWalmart and United Food and Commercial Workers.