In Nampa, Idaho, grocery chain Wal-Mart banned an extreme couponer from shopping at its stores.

April Cuevas, extreme couponer, was banned from grocery shopping at Wal-Mart due to an altercation that occurred between her and an employee, a store manager specifically, at the grocery chain. This altercation led to Cuevas being barred from shopping at Wal-Mart’s 4,000 stores nationwide.

The altercation was about the store’s coupon policy regarding competitor coupons. Competitor coupons are allowed at the store, but only under specific conditions. This is a part of Wal-Mart’s Ad Match guidelines.

According to Cuevas, she was going to use a coupon from Target for her purchases at Wal-Mart when the checkout personnel told her that she could not use the competitor coupon. She then asked to speak to the store manager. Her reasoning was that the store does not say anywhere that it did not accept coupons from competitor stores.

According to Wal-Mart Spokesperson, Lorenzo Lopez, the company is aware of the incident involving Cuevas and that the company has apologized to her. Lopez added that the incident could have been handled differently by both parties and could have ended in a less complicated manner.

Lopez also added that Cuevas has already been invited back to the store and that she has already shopped at Wal-Mart since the altercation happened. Cuevas however, said that she has returned to Wal-Mart only once since the incident happened and has since then stopped her coupon clipping routine. Cuevas and her elder daughter do not buy 20 newspapers anymore just to clip coupons since the incident with Wal-Mart.