Walmart staff began walking out of their jobs this week. This action comes before Black Friday, during which three-union backed factions expect protests nationwide.

Last month, a Los Angeles Walmart had a strike that spread to Walmart stores in 12 other cities. Over 200 stores saw protests held over better pay, more affordable health care and fairer schedules. Since then, employees have staged walk offs in Richmond, California and Dallas. Other strikes are expected in Washington D.C, Miami, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

The three watchdog groups Corporate Action Network, OUR Walmart and Making Change at Walmart are calling on Walmart, the U.S.’s largest employer, to put an end to retaliatory tactics meted out on staff seeking better work conditions.

A couple working at a Walmart store in Duarte, California will now have to miss spending Thanksgiving with their 2 children aged 2 and 5 as they both are scheduled for work Thanksgiving. The two, Charlene and William Fletcher, were enraged and say that when workers speak about employee concerns, Walmart fired people, cut down on their hours or turned their schedules, all in an attempt to silence them.

Don Fogleman, Walmart’s representative, said that the campaign was exaggerated and aimed at creating headlines to mislead employees and customers. The official said in a statement that they will have more than a million people working during the Thanksgiving weekend and the Black Friday preparations were drawing excitement. The supermarket chain said that customers would experience great client experience on the day.

The protests held Thursday at Mira Loma and Eastvale Walmart stores led to the arrest of six people who were accused of blocking traffic, according to reports by KTLA.