Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc. is engaged in the production of specialty popcorn products both for private label companies as well as its own retail brand. Weaver Popcorn’s headquarters is located in Indiana, USA.  As a company whose sole product line is focused on popcorn, Weaver is considered one of the largest popcorn companies in the country.

Weaver Popcorn Company was founded by Ira E. Weaver in the year 1928. In the early years of its operation, the company grew, developed, processed, packaged and shipped different kinds of its popcorn products. The company distributed its popcorn to retail stores, concessionaires and popcorn distributors in other countries.

The company’s flagship brand is Pop Weaver® and the original popcorn the company made contained a moderate amount of sodium. Because of its sodium content, this variety of popcorn is not recommended for people with hypertension. Weaver Popcorn then introduced its line of microwaveable popcorns in a variety of flavors including Light Butter and Butter. Popcorn varieties for its concessionaire customers included Caramel and Sweet, Almond and Weaver Gold.

The company was the first to remove the compound diacetyl in its microwaveable popcorn products back in 2007. Diacetyl was a controversial component in butter flavored popcorn.

Weaver Popcorn also produced popcorn products under the brand name Trail’s End ®, which were sold for fund raising by America’s Boy Scouts. Trail’s End ® flavors include Caramel Corn, Unbelievable Butter, Candy Cane, Chocolate, Cheese, Cashews and Pecans, Light Butter Toffee, Cheese Tin, Cheese and 3-Way Tin. Of Trail’s End sales, seventy percent goes to the Boy Scouts while thirty percent goes to the company.

Weaver Popcorns are made from the company’s specially bred corn. The company grows its hybrid corn in its farmlands in the U.S. and in Argentina. In terms of production, the company produces about thirty percent of the total amount of popcorn produced worldwide, coming in second place behind ConAgra Foods. The company still remains privately owned and family-owned and is still focused on the production and improvement of both its raw popcorn and specialty popcorn products.

Headquarters: Indiana, USA
Ownership Type: Private, family-owned
No. of Employees: 200
Geography: USA and other countries all over the world (through independent popcorn distributors)
Demography: retail snack food consumers, concession customers, private label companies, international popcorn distributors

Pop Weaver®, Trail’s End®

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