Weaver Popcorn CompanyWeaver Popcorn Company recently introduced to the U.S. market its new line of microwaveable popcorns processed in olive oil. This new product comes in two flavors, Parmesan Cheese with Italian and herbs and Theater (Movie) Butter.

This new line of microwaveable popcorn products offer a healthier alternative to the conventional popcorn because it has been made using olive oil. Unlike most popcorn products which have been made with other types of oil, this new product has a lower saturated fat content. Also, because olive oil is an abundant source of unsaturated fatty acids (the monounsaturated type), it helps lower low density level (LDL) cholesterol and raise high density level (HDL) cholesterol. Olive oil is also a good source of polyphenols, and because popcorn is made from a hundred percent whole grain, this snack is also a good source of fiber.

According to CEO and President, Mike Weaver, the company is always working to develop new flavors and healthier popcorn products, as popcorn has always been the company’s sole focus and flagship product. As for the new popcorn’s butter flavor (the movie theater flavor), it has always been a favorite among popcorn flavors. The company hopes to delight and excite consumers with the new Parmesan flavor incorporated with Italian herbs and garlic. Other flavors that will soon be made available in the market include Classic Butter and Light Butter.

Weaver Gold® microwaveable popcorn is now available in supermarkets, grocery stores and other food retail shops all around the country. Movie Butter flavored popcorn is $3 per 6-pack and Parmesan flavored popcorn is $2 per 4-pack.