wegmansWith the freezing winter prevailing, there’s one freeze that people will enjoy much more; Wegmans’ price freeze. Wegmans Food Markets has introduced price freezes once again for over 50 of their products. The freeze affects those products that customers will be buying most during this winter season. Colleen Wegman, Wegmans’ president, has said that the list is their way of assisting families to plan meals and find value even on a budget. The prices will be in effect until April 6. A price freeze dictates that even if the cost of items increases, the chain will not raise the retail price until the end of the freeze.

The list includes selections from deli, frozen food, bakery, dairy, grocery, produce, seafood and meat departments. The Wegmans brand peanut butter is on the roster and will be reduced to $1.69 from $1.99 thanks to a great peanut crop in 2012. The price of a 2lb bag of Clementine Tangerines is frozen at $2.99; red grapes $1.99 per pound; and navel oranges, the Club Pack, 8 pounds for $4.99. In addition, pork tenderloin, Club Pack at $2.79 a pound; lean ground beef, Club Pack at $2.19 a pound; boneless chicken breast, Club Pack at $1.99 a pound; Clif Bars at $9.99 is the exception as it is not one of the retailer’s brands.

Wegman said that beyond freezing prices, the grocer strives to keep prices consistently low for items that are bought often by families. This is achieved by matching or having lower prices than their competitors.

In addition, the chain has a free prescription plan that it has also extended for Atorvastatin (Lipitor). The supply will be extended to 90 days until 2013 ends. The program had originally been slated to end in April.