All fast food restaurants have a few practices they do not usually blurt out to the public, but are implemented at the store. Here are a few.

Fast food restaurants have healthy meals, but they will be more expensive than the less healthy ones. For instance, a salad containing chicken will be more expensive than the conventional burger. Because people normally go for less expensive options, the healthy food items are overshadowed by the cheaper, unhealthy ones. However, National Restaurant Association spokesperson, Sue Henley, said that the restaurant industry now have plenty and affordable healthy items and that they have put more focus on produce.

Fundraisings participated in by fast food chains do not really raise large sums. Although a lot of schools ask the assistance of fast food chains to raise funds for a project, statistics have shown that not much money is raised by the fundraisers this way. In fact, a research conducted by the Arizona State University showed that out of four schools, three did not receive any money at all for that school year (2003-2004). Also, out of all the schools that collaborated with fast food restaurants for fundraising events, 12.6% received only $2,500 and some, even less.

Value meals can be really expensive. Research has shown that people who buy value meals end up adding an order of an extra food item not included in the value meal set. According to the study, a lot of people are not content with the amount of food that is in the value meal. Others do not want all of the parts, just some of it, and end up buying the food item they do want, along with the value meal. People actually end up spending more, instead of saving money.