Wholey Foods is a family-owned, private company that produces frozen seafood and meat products. The company is headquartered in Michigan, USA.

Wholey Foods started in 1912 as a business that primarily dealt with the bounties of the sea. Ever since the company began, it has been continually selling fresh fish and other seafood. Although initially the business was focused on fresh products, Wholey’s soon began to market frozen seafood and packaged appetizers as well.

Wholey’s became known for providing its customers with excellent quality fresh fish and shrimp and frozen seafood. In fact, to its customers, the Wholey brand has become synonymous with excellent quality frozen seafood. The company still maintains the kind of quality that they have delivered to their customers in the past. For over 50 years, the company has also continued to widen the variety of products that it offers. Currently, Wholey has its headquarters in Warren, Michigan, with facilities in different parts of the country.

With its products, Wholey was able to create a unique tagline: ‘Seafood with saucy seaphistication™. The company’s latest offering is a line of packed seafood entrees that are convenient, as they do not require time-consuming preparation. Wholey’s packaging for this line of products allows consumers to just boil the entrée while still in its packaging and then serve it in less than 15 minutes. The company takes pride in the fact that these entrees are of restaurant quality, and yet it takes only a little time and effort to prepare. Varieties of this new product line include Shrimp in Lime, Salmon in Fiery Tomato, Tilapia Garlic, Tilapia in Pineapple and Chili Tomato, and Salmon Cayenne.

Aside from these new products, Wholey’s also has its regularly popular appetizers and entrees which include shrimp (cooked, peeled and deveined), mussels (in tomato sauce, in garlic and butter, natural), scallops and fish fillets (cod, swai, tilapia, perch, salmon) and soups (Japanese miso, Beijing shrimp, shrimp wonton). Wholey’s specialty selections include coconut shrimp, oriental seafood in sweet and sour sauce, and breaded buffalo shrimp.

As part of Wholey’s commitment to the environment, the company gets its fish and seafood products exclusively from fisheries that implement sustainable practices in fishing. This is the company’s way in helping to keep the oceans healthy.

Headquarters: Warren, Michigan
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography:  USA
Demography: frozen food consumers, packed entrees consumers


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