Cellfire, a leading digital coupon provider in America, has launched its application for Windows® phones. With this, Cellfire now has an application that is compatible with all of the four major platforms in mobile phones.

Cellfire now has an application that will work with Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry phones and Windows phones and is the only digital coupon company that has attained this achievement. This new application will allow Cellfire to extend its scope and leadership in the area of digital coupons. Now, an even bigger number of consumers will be able to take advantage of digital coupons in their shopping activities, with the help of the Cellfire application.

With the application, manufacturer coupons are linked to a Windows phone user’s loyalty card. This allows for a faster, paperless and more secure transaction for both the customer and the store. Cellfire has partnered with over 5,500 grocery stores, giving more and more consumers the opportunity to use digital coupons in more and more stores. Cellfire is also connected with grocer websites and more than 400 mobile and web partners, allowing the company to reach millions of shoppers through the digital world. For new Cellfire customers, the company also offers exclusive access to a number of retail brands. Cellfire offers millions of digital coupons every month, providing shoppers with a lot of opportunities to save.

The Cellfire application informs mobile phone users of the latest digital coupons that are available, tells the users where and what stores the coupons can be used at and connects to the user’s loyalty cards and incentives. These are the major touch points of the mobile application.