Illinois-based food company Popcorn Palace has issued an allergy alert against its Value Bag products. These 1-gallon Value Bags are said to contain allergens that have not been declared in the product’s packaging.

The value bags contain undeclared peanuts, milk, wheat, tree nuts or soy. These ingredients are considered common food allergens, in any form. People who are allergic to any of these foods are advised not to consume the recalled products in order to avoid triggering an allergy attack.

The following specific information refers to the recalled Value Bags:

1-Gallon Cheddar Cheese (contains soy and milk)

1-Gallon White Cheddar (contains soy and milk)

1-GallonChicagoStyle (contains soy and milk)

1-Gallon Rainbow (contains soy)

1-Gallon Chocolate Drizzle Caramel (contains soy and milk)

1-Gallon Caramel Nut (contains milk, tree nuts like almonds and cashews, soy and peanuts)

1-Gallon Macadamia Butter-Crunch (contains milk, macadamia nuts and soy)

1-Gallon Cookies and Cream (contains milk, wheat and soy)

1-Gallon Spicy Cheese (contains milk, wheat and soy)

The products are believed to have been sold after October 1, 2011 via one of the company’s fundraising programs. The recalled products were shipped with the information on the allergens not indicated on the outside of the containers. Because of this, consumers may not be aware of the presence of allergens in the products.Popcorn Palace however stresses that people who are not allergic to the mentioned food allergens can buy and consume the product.

To date, there have been no reports of allergy attacks that are connected to the recalled Value Bags. Consumers who have concerns about the recall, or about the product, can callPopcornPalaceat 1-800-873-2676.