Massachusetts-based food company Kettle Cuisine has just launched two new soups to its line-up of products. These new soups are considered on-trend varieties that will help foodservice businesses and retailers in attracting consumers that have evolving tastes.

Consumers nowadays look for products that have something new to offer. Whether it is in snack food or in soup varieties, consumers always want to try out something new. This is primarily why Kettle Cuisine has come up with these two new varieties, in order to entice consumers with new offerings. As a company that is committed to providing consumers with premium quality artisan cooking, Kettle Cuisine is proud to introduce to the public these new soups that represent how delicious products of artisan cooking can be.

The two new soups, Steak and Ale Soup and Curried Cauliflower Soup, are products entirely made from scratch. Steak and Ale Soup is a variety that is hearty and pub-inspired. This soup variety features Angus tender beef, diced potatoes, sweet carrots, cheddar cheese, uncured bacon, beef stock and amber ale. Curried Cauliflower Soup is a variety that is perfect for vegetarians. This soup is made by combining cauliflower florets (sautéed), green peppers, tomatoes, sliced scallions, Indian curry and vegetable stock. With these two new soups, businesses that are in foodservice might be surprised at how many new customers visit the place and develop a taste for the new soup variety.

Both of these varieties are now available in different food retail stores or distribution centers all over the country. For inquiries about these new products, or for any of the company’s products, consumers can visit Kettle Cuisine’s website at They can also call the company’s hotline at 1-800-969-7687.