0516_A1_steak_inline_3151-202x418A.1. is a popular brand name for steak sauce that has been in existence in the United States for over a century. It is currently manufactured by Kraft Food Groups Limited.

A.1. was first introduced as a sauce for steaks and marketed in Europe, and London, England in 1831. Less than half a century later, it was introduced and branded in the United States by G.F. Heublen & Bros. Ever since its introduction, A.1. has been widely accepted, not only in the U.S., but also in Canada as the number one steak sauce. The individual accredited with the development of this popular steak sauce is Henderson William, who was the chief chef to King George IV and developed the sauce for royal tables only.

There are a number of sauce brands that have been developed ever since its first introduction. Such as dry rubs, dry marinade mixes for different kinds of meat such as pork, chicken and beef. Liquid marinade was launched at the turn of the new millennium and it is also among the list of popular A.1. products on the market in the U.S.

Ever since it became a commercial product in 1862, A.1. sauce has made revenue exceeding 100 million USD. This is phenomenal, especially considering the limited geographical areas that the product covers. It has also collected numerous awards, mostly in Paris and London, and this elaborates about its popularity and quality equally. There are different recipes that you can add your A.1. sauce to, depending on your own preference. Sure thing though, is that with A.1. sauce, your food and or steak will have the A-1 distinctive zing.

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