meatYauk’s Specialty Meats, located in Windsor, Colorado, has recalled approximately ninety thousand pounds of poultry and meat products found to have been processed under unhygienic conditions. The recalls were announced by the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service in the United States. There are several brands that were recalled. One of their key brands is the Colorado Best Beef, which includes various smoked, shelf-stable and fresh meat products. Other products that were recalled are the summer and jerky sausage of the brand James Ranch. Smoked and fresh pork products of their John Long Farms brand were also recalled.

The production dates for the recalled products are between 1st April 2013 and 5th December 2013. The four digit-Julian dates for identifying the recalled products range from 3091 to 3339. The major states where the products were sold include New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. Wayne Yauk, the company owner said that this was the first time something of that sort had happened. He further added that he was greatly concerned about his customers’ health and safety. The manager said that in the recent inspection by USDA, rodents were turned up in retail, storage, and production areas. Specialty markets such as Fort Collins’ Beaver took Yauk’s products from the shelves immediately after learning about the product recalls. The meats are used by Johnson and Wales University students in the cooking laboratories. University instructors highly praised the company and the meat products that it produced. They were thus surprised by the news of the recall. According to a report from inspectors, the recalled meat could lead to severe health issues. Fortunately, no cases have been reported so far.