syscoAn NBC crew filmed Sysco Corporation, one of the largest national food distributors, using unrefrigerated Bay Area outdoor lockers to store perishable food for a number of hours prior to taking them to hotels, schools and restaurants. The health department, as well as people who are not fond of food poisoning has not taken this issue lightly. An undercover video shot at the NBC Bay area showed employees of Sysco dropping off milk, meat and other perishables that must be refrigerated properly, as per the law requirement. The Public Health Department of California sent inspectors to 14 temporary Sysco warehouses across Northern California to look for improperly stored products after watching the video.

The inspectors found bacon, pork, chicken, vegetables and many other perishables that had not been properly stored. NBC said that Sysco Corporation admitted to conducting its business in this manner for several years. It however, made a promise to break its contracts with storage companies. The corporation sent an email to NBC promising to begin doing what it ought to have been doing. According to the company policy, it is a must for the drop sites controlled by Sysco to not only be secure, but also be fully-equipped with freezer units and refrigerators. The practices of Sysco San Francisco in relation to the mentioned drop-sites have already been ceased. The company also plans to make a review, as well as implementation of the rightful practices with respect to its delivery and sales team. Inspectors also reported to have found unsanitary conditions such as rat drippings in storage sheds. With the increasing incidences of food poisoning, maintenance of hygienic conditions and proper handling and storage of perishables is fundamental.