Food company Sobeys Inc., in cooperation with the CFIA, has announced a health alert for specific batches of ground beef. The meat products are believed to contain small pieces of metal, which is dangerous to a person’s health when consumed.

The affected ground meat was sold at only one Sobeys shop. This store’s location is in Bedford, in the area of Nova Scotia. The ground beef was packed in-store and had a “Packaged on” date of October 31, 2011. Other specific information about the affected product is the following:

Ground beef (lean) – UPC code 21665 xxxxxx

Ground beef (lean), value pack – UPC code 211666 xxxxxx

Ground beef (extra lean) – UPC code 211671 xxxxxx

Ground beef (extra lean), value pack – UPC code 211672 xxxxxx

Ground beef (medium) – UPC code 211708 xxxxxx

Ground beef (medium), value pack – UPC code 211660 xxxxxx

Ground beef (sirloin, extra lean) – UPC code 211699 xxxxxx

Ground beef (sirloin, extra lean), value pack – UPC code xxxxxx

The last six digits on the UPC code are variable with arbitrary weights. Sobeys has already announced a recall for the specified ground beef.

As of November 1, there have been no reported health incidents about consumption of metal pieces that are related to the affected ground meat products. The CFIA is also monitoring the recall of this product, in order to check if the recall has been effective. Consumers who are concerned and what more information about this recall can call the CFIA at 1-800-442-2342. They can also call Sobeys hotline at 1-888-944-0442.