Food Basics is a chain of discount grocery stores owned by Metro Ontario, Incorporated. This discount chain operates mostly in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Food Basics was established in the year 1995 in Ontario, Canada. The first Food Basics supermarket was created by retail company giant A&P Canada with the purpose of competing against Loblaw Companies’ Nofrills supermarkets.

Food Basics became a subsidiary of Metro Ontario, Incorporated when A&P Canada was acquired by the company. Products sold at Food Basics supermarkets were relatively low-priced as compared to those that are sold in regular supermarkets. The store also did not have free plastics bags. Rather, what they offered were free cardboard boxes. Even the interior of the store was kept simple, with minimal décor. The store also has a small number of staff, and employs mostly part time employees.

Over time, since the year that the first Food Basics supermarket was established, the number of stores continued to grow. Today, there are over 100 Food Basics supermarkets all throughout Ontario. In fact, there are 117 Food Basics supermarkets in the province of Ontario, and 36 of these were once franchise-owned until Metro Ontario bought them back from the franchise owners in 2008.

Some of the newer Food Basics supermarkets offer the additional service of a pharmacy. These supermarkets operate under the name Food & Drug Basics. Previously, when the stores were still franchise-owned, the names always carried the owner’s name, for instance, “X’s Food Basics with, X being the store owner. When Metro Ontario bought the stores, all of them became simply Food Basics. All of the Food Basics stores also carried the slogan “Always More for Less!”

Some of the products sold in the supermarket chain include dairy, grocery, meat, pharmacy, snacks, frozen food, deli, snacks and non-food products. Aside from national brands, Food Basics also offers its own private label products. Food Basics’ own brands are Irresistibles, Selection, Basics for Less, Simply 1-2-3 and Great Basics Find. Great Basics Find is the chain’s brand for non-food products and products that are limited in quantity and availability, as well as products that are uniquely priced.

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Ownership Type: A subsidiary of Metro Ontario, Incorporated
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Retail products consumers

Irresistibles, Selection, Basics for Less, Simply 1-2-3 and Great Basics Find

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