Tate & Lyle has recently launched a new addition to its wide range of products. This new product is a cocoa replacement called Carcao.

Carcao is made from premium-quality carob powder. The new product claims to have cocoa-like colouring and flavour, which is why it can be used as a partial replacement for cocoa in the production of ice cream, bakery or dairy products. The company has come up with this new cocoa replacement in order to offer food-manufacturing companies a solution in how to cut costs in their recipes.

With Carcao, Tate & Lyle can work to accommodate each manufacturer’s requirements or conditions in terms of flavour and colour. For instance, the company can adjust the roasting conditions in the process of making the carob powder. Tate & Lyle can make a string of Carcao products that will vary in flavour and colour, from an unsweetened strong taste and dark brown powder to a sweet tasting light brown powder.

Technologists at Tate & Lyle will work with its manufacturer customers in order to achieve a customized Carcao product their customers will use. As a part of promoting the new Carcao powder to potential customers, Tate & Lyle held a demonstration of the benefits of the product, especially in reducing overall recipe costs. A variety of chocolate-based foods were created, such as chocolate mousse, cocoa filling, and chocolate muffins, in order to show manufacturers how effective Carcao can be as a partial replacement for cocoa and how it significantly benefits the manufacturer in terms of cutting costs.