Kentucky-based beverage company Southern Comfort has partnered with Tabasco to create a new kind of beverage that has a fiery kick to it. Launched as Fiery Pepper, this new beverage is considered a fierce fusion between the best of the two companies’ products.

Fiery Pepper is a 70-proof beverage that is spicy, yet delivers the balanced mixture of a great whiskey. This new product can be served cold or mixed into cocktails. Fiery Pepper will bring that perfect quantity of heat to any drink.

According to Southern Comfort’s Managing Director and Vice President Mark Bacon, the Southern Comfort and Tabasco partnership strikes a perfect balance of heat and sweet. Bacon added that this one-of-a-kind product will give Southern Comfort’s consumers a unique way of enjoying their drink and at the same time challenge the senses. Southern Comfort takes pride in this partnership with one of the country’s leading brands of spice. Tabasco also feels the same way, according to Paul McIlhenny of McIlhenny Co. (Tabasco Pepper Sauce’s maker). McIlhenny added that the company is looking forward to more fiery cocktails in the future.

Southern Comfort’s Fiery Pepper will initially be available only to retailers in the United States. However, its introduction to the global market will shortly follow. Bacon also said that Fiery Pepper is an important initiative for the company. It will also be an important component of the company’s future expansion in the coming years.

Southern Comfort’s Fiery Pepper is now available in different retail stores and liquor stores all over the country with a suggested price of $16.99 per 750-ml bottle.