Asia Bio-Chem Group Company Ltd. is a food manufacturing company primarily engaged in the production of corn starch. The company has subsidiaries in China, where it is a leader in the area of the production of corn starch and related products.

Since its inception, Asia Bio-Chem has been engaged in the production of cornstarch for the purpose of supplying it to different industries, including the food industry and livestock feed.

Cornstarch is a basic ingredient in the production of different food products such as fructose, glucose, citric acid, MSG, maltose, dextrin and lysine. Aside from these food products, cornstarch is used in the production of mannitol and sorbitol (both sugar alcohols). Cornstarch is also used in the production of a wide range of modified-starch products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Aside from cornstarch, Asia Bio-Chem also markets related products like corn germ, which is purchased by its customers to be used in the production of corn oil or margarine.

With the number of uses for cornstarch, it is no wonder that Asia Bio-Chem has quickly grown and expanded its operations. The company’s subsidiaries are mainly located in China, where Asia Bio-Chem is a leader in cornstarch production. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in China’s northeast regions. Its newly relocated facility in Changtu, China has a capacity of processing 300,000 tons of corn every year. Another manufacturing facility located in Daqing has just been completed and is capable of processing 600,000 tons of corn per year. This Daqing facility is one of China’s biggest and most modern wet milling facilities.

One major factor that has contributed to Asia Bio-Chem’s success is a strategy that is centered on the company’s geographic presence, especially in the northeast part of China. Because Asia Bio-Chem has put its facilities in rural locations in China, the company is able to take advantage of the rich and relatively cheaper corn from those regions. Also, the absence of competition in the area has resulted to major incentives from the government which focuses on initiatives for rural area development. The most recent development that the company has done is the implementation of transportation systems that are intermodal. This new transportation system has enabled Asia Bio-Chem to load products from the plants and at the same time continuing to speed up the transfer of these products from port to container ships.

Ownership Type: Private
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Geography:Canada, China
Demography: Foodservice operators, food retail businesses, food-manufacturing companies

Asia Bio-Chem

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