Texas-based food company Hostess Brands Inc. recently came up with a new variety of donuts created to appeal to every consumer kids and adults alike. The new donettes, as these little donuts are called, are now available in the “Frosted Devil’s Food Cake” variety.

Although the powdery sugar might be kind of a mess for some, especially when these donettes are eaten on the upholstery, there is no denying the appeal that the taste of these donettes bring. Also, this powdery sugar on the brand’s donuts is already part of the product’s appeal to consumers.

With this new variety, what every consumer gets is a moist mini cake donut dipped in rich chocolate-flavoured coating. This “Frosted Devil’s Food Cake” variety is an indulgent treat to every chocolate lover and desert-eating consumer out there. The new donut variety can be considered a heavenly addition to Hostess Brand’s range of products.

Hostess Brand’s donettes continue to be one of the most popular products among the range of sweet baked foods. Proof of this is the more than 2 billion donettes that the company produces every year. According to Hostess Brand’s vice president for snack marketing Mike Touhey, the company is excited to introduce this new product to consumers looking for something new in the market. The company is proud to say that this new donut variety will give every consumer delicious indulgence that he can share with his family and friends.

The new “Frosted Devil’s Food Cake Donettes” is now available in retail food stores for $2.99 per dunkie bag and $1.49 per single-serve sleeve.