Charlie’s Chocolate Factory is a Canadian confectionery company engaged in the production of different kinds of chocolate products. The company has its main offices in British Columbia, Canada.


Charlie’s Chocolate Factory is a family-owned company that was founded in the 1970s. Its first store was located in the area of Burnaby, British Columbia. This is also the location of the company’s current main offices.

Charlie, the company’s founder, previously worked for a food business before starting his own. After many years of being employed, he decided to quit being an employee and start a food business that he loved, making and selling chocolates. Charlie started his business by making assorted chocolates which he then sold either boxed or by bulk. He sold his chocolates at a little storefront that he opened for that purpose.

Over the years, Charlie’s Chocolate Factory was able to put up a satellite store in the area of Port Coquitlam in British Columbia. The Burnaby store was also expanded to a much larger facility, one that offered more choices to customers. The Burnaby store has a showroom to showcase the different chocolate products that Charlie’s Chocolate Factory made, featuring a unique “river” with real chocolate flowing in it.

Today, Charlie’s Chocolate Factory offers a variety of chocolate products and packaging, aside from the boxed and bulk varieties. The store sells a special kind of chocolate sweetened with a special sweetener known as Maltitol. These chocolates are made especially for diabetics who love eating chocolates. The store also offers a very wide selection of molded chocolate products, a wide range of party or wedding favors and seasonal chocolate products for holidays and special occasions. There are also chocolate fountains available for rent to be used in any special occasion or event. Charlie’s also has a wide variety of supplies for those who want to try out candy-making.   One of Charlie’s most distinguishing specialties is the chocolate corporate logos that it makes upon orders. These chocolates are created to resemble any corporate logo that a company has. Despite the 40 years of being in business, Charlie’s Chocolate Factory still continues to grow and make different kinds of chocolates for its consumers to enjoy.

Headquarters: Burnaby, British Columbia
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Chocolate products consumers

Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

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