British popular baking label Green’s has recently launched improved packaging for its baking products. The new packaging style features a new strapline, a new design and a Green’s logo that has been updated.

The new packaging will be used on a range of cupcake mixes that aims to appeal to the younger generation. Younger audiences fromages 18 to 35 will hopefully be attracted to this new line of mixes for baking cupcakes, especially since it has been packed in more appealing packaging.

The new packaging also hopes to bring about the rejuvenation of the Green’s brand. The new line of Green’s cupcake mixes has already been made available on retail shelves since the first weeks of August. By the last week of August, Green’s will also be re-launching its website, to promote the refreshed Green’s label.

The new line of cupcake mixes includes a jam filling for the cupcakes’ centre, as well as a nozzle for piping. The nozzles well help significantly in creating cupcakes that are professional looking. These mixes will also help make baking cupcakes faster.

The new cupcake mixes are on the display shelves of major retail stores such as Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Wilkinsons. Suggested price for each pack is £2.15.

In-store promotions, plus a marketing campaign that is comprehensive are all part of the new product and packaging’s launching. These promotional campaigns were created in order to emphasize the cupcakes’ creative elements. Parts of the promotion are different recipes and suggestions for customizations, in order to promote repeat purchases.