New York-based food manufacturing company, The Dannon Co., Incorporated, has launched a new healthy snack for consumers to enjoy. The new snack product is called Activia® Parfait Crunch.

This new Parfait Crunch from Activia® combines the goodness of yogurt, fruit and granola. With low-fat yogurt, low-fat crunchy granola and fruit pieces, this snack promises to be a delicious and healthy treat for consumers of all ages. Each serving of Parfait Crunch has 220 calories, with 3 grams of fat for every 6-ounce cup. This new snack product can be added as part of a breakfast meal or can be eaten during snack time.

Activia® Parfait Crunch helps regulate the body’s digestive system naturally. The product contains Bifidus regularis, a probiotic culture that helps in regulating the body’s digestive system. To contribute to a nutritionally balanced diet, it is recommended to consume Activia® Parfait Crunch everyday for at least two weeks. Regular consumption of this product also significantly contributes to a person’s healthy lifestyle.

As a way for the company to promote this new product, creators have come up with “The Activia Promise.” This promise urges consumers to experience first hand, the Activia® Parfait Crunch’s benefits. If consumers however, do not find the product satisfying, both in taste and in health benefit, the parent company, Dannon will refund a maximum of $12.00 to every consumer who has tried the product but found it unsatisfying. Consumers who want to know more about this promise can visit

According to Dannon’s Brand Manager Philippe Guerra, Activia® Parfait Crunch offers a blend of refreshing, sweet yogurt and granola that is guaranteed to be low in fat content. Suggested selling price for every 6-ounce cup of Activia® Parfait Crunch is $1.29.