Popular British potato chip brand Walkers, has launched new packaging for its chips. The company has also launched a new product campaign along with it.

In previous years, Gary Lineker has been the face of Walkers chips. In fact, England’s former striker has been the brand’s ambassador for about 20 years. PepsiCo however, has created a new advertising campaign that will focus on what makes up the products.

Lineker will be retaining his role as Walkers’ ambassador, but he will not be making much of an appearance in the product’s new ads. With this new campaign created by the company, Gary Lineker will be taking a backseat. The new advertisement for Walkers crisp will be focusing on British potatoes, seasonings, and sun seed oil. These three ingredients are what make up the potato crisps. The new ad campaign will emphasize the absence of artificial preservatives or colours.

Walkers’ new packaging features an illustration that highlights the three simple ingredients of the Walkers crisps. The new packaging also emphasizes the fact that the Walkers brand uses only 100 hundred percent British potatoes.

As part of the products new ad campaign, the company will carry out activities such as in-store marketing, nationwide sampling and a new television push.

According to Miranda Sambles, marketing director for Walkers, shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in the origin of their food. Aside from origin, shoppers have also always been interested in food’s good flavour. With these, the company figured that it would be the right time for consumers to be reminded about the three simple ingredients that make up a package of Walkers’ crisps.