Humber Quality Foods is a British company that produces a variety of fresh and frozen food products. The company has its head offices in North Lincolnshire, UK.


Humber Quality Foods was established in May of 1997. They produce a wide variety of both frozen and fresh foods for customers such as  carrot batons, and those that come with a medley of sauces, glazes or butter.

Humber Quality Foods continuously works in creating new varieties of products based on the concepts that are brought up to them by their customers. Most, if not all, of the products that the company comes up with are sold in markets in portion-controlled sizes.

Because of its continuous focus on product detail, the company has created a very good reputation within the United Kingdom’s industry of food. This excellent reputation has drawn a number of major food companies and food service operators to Humber Quality Foods as customers.

The company’s processing facility was built according to the highest specifications. The facility has been given a certification and a BRC-A Grade as proof of the excellent quality of the plant, which has been fully chilled throughout. Inside the facility, there is proper segregation of all products and staff.

Among the equipment found inside the company’s plant is a Limas 3-step potato peeler, slicing machinery, a Limas 4-step carrot peeler and a machinery for size reduction. Also found on the site are multi-head weighers and a color sorter which spots defects and removes the item from the line.

Today, Humber Quality Foods continues to operate, keeping in mind its goal of continuous improvement in the quality of its products. This company mission is ingrained in the minds of its people, resulting in a relentless determination to add more value to the products, for the benefit of the customers.

The company’s most recent product development is the introduction of the “Ready Steady Veg.” This new product is either fresh or frozen, and has already been portion-controlled for the consumers’ convenience. The product is sealed in order to retain its freshness and flavour, and can be served fresh out of its pack, with butter or without.

Headquarters: North Lincolnshire,UK
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: foodservice operators, major food retailers and supermarkets, food manufacturing companies, high-class catering companies


HumberQuality Foods

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