Trader Joe’s in Louiseville Trader Joe’s has finally made it known to the public that they will be opening a store in Louiseville within the year 2011.

Alison Mochizuki, Trader Joe’s spokesperson, revealed that the location of the soon to be Trader Joe’s store is at Shelbyville Road Plaza. Specifically, it will be at suites 111 to 112 at 4600 Shelbyville Rd.

The new Trader Joe’s store will replace three tenants, namely: Massage Envy, Craftsman Collection and Kiddie Kastle. Massage Envy and Kiddie Kastle operators said that they will be relocating to a different spot within the center and The Craftsman Collection closed its shop just last month. Although Mochizuki announced the company’s plan for a new store, she however declined to give a specific date for the opening except that it will be within this year and that the lease for the location has been paid.

In March, a report from Business First revealed that Trader Joe’s filed for a Louiseville liquor license. This action leads to the question of whether the company will be displaying Charles Shaw, the company’s store brand wine that has been popularly called the “two-buck Chuck”.

Mochizuki answered the question, saying Trader Joe’s Louiseville will indeed be selling Charles Shaw. To this she added that the store’s wine selection display will have a separate entrance from that of the grocery store.

Tommy Edwards, who is the leasing agent of Hagan Properties, said that there are still a few contingencies that has to be met. Once those contingencies are met, then construction will be started. Hagan Properties is the owner of the shopping center where the new Trader Joe’s will be opened.