Quinalt Tribal Enterprise Quinalt Tribal Enterprise announced a voluntary recall for its canned seafood products on April 29. The recall is due to inadequate processing of the canned seafood.

The affected products include all non-smoked and smoked salmon, non-smoked and smoked tuna, smoked sturgeon, razor clams (minced), razor clams (smoked) and steelhead (smoked). According to the USDA, the products were inadequately processed based on the administration’s regulations for low-acid canned foods. This was discovered during an FDA inspection at the company’s facility.

The recalled canned seafood products are packaged in cans made of metal. The retail cans vary in net weight, from 5 ounces to 7 ounces. The label indicated on the products is Quinault Pride, which is the company’s brand. All lot codes for these products are included in the recall.

Insufficient processing increases the risk of contamination with bacteria and other harmful organisms which may cause serious health risks. In worst cases, these health risks may become potentially fatal. To date, no health incidences have been reported which are related to the product recall.

The affected canned seafood products have been distributed nationwide and are sold at various retail food stores. This product recall was done with the cooperation and knowledge of the FDA.

Consumers who have the recalled products are advised to not eat it despite the absence of spoilage. They are urged to discard or return the product in exchange for a refund. For any recall related questions, they may call Quinault Tribal at 1-800-982-8650. The company will be able to entertain their concerns from Monday to Friday, 8 AM until 3 PM, PST.