Island Moon Coffee prides itself in producing USDA Certified organic coffee. The company has its Kona coffee bean farms and headquarters in Hawaii.

The growing need and popularity for organic coffee became the driving force for the existence of Island Moon Coffee. The company aimed to provide consumers with excellent quality organic coffee that is free from herbicides, genetically modified organisms or synthetic fertilizers. They went to a great deal of effort to obtain a certification from the USDA, proof that their Kona coffee is absolutely organic. This proof of certification is printed on the coffees’ packaging for the consumers to see.

Island Moon Coffee has been recognized as one of the world’s finest coffees. All of their coffees have been made from 100% organic Kona coffee, which is what sets the company apart from its competitors.

Kona coffee is considered to be one of the best coffees available in the world and is considered a gourmet item. Kona coffee is considered to be the best choice for medium dark roast coffee or espresso coffees. This type of coffee bean is available only in very limited areas which include the big island of Hawaii, specifically in the Kona district.

Several factors contribute to the uniqueness of Kona coffee beans, the most notable of which is the climate at which the beans grow. Kona beans also undergo self germination, and grow and bear fruit rapidly in just a few years. A soil rich in minerals and an abundant supply of sunlight are also contributing factors. With the addition of drenching rain, the conditions combine to produce excellent Kona coffee beans. All these factors are found in the region of Kona, which is why Island Moon Coffee prides itself for having the best Kona coffee in the market.

Their excellent products are a result of handpicking shade grown premium coffee beans. Because every bean is handpicked, customers are assured that every single coffee bean is of the highest quality.

The company’s farms are also committed to sustainability and adhere only to the natural way of cultivating and processing coffee, making it absolutely free from chemicals.

Headquarters: PO Box 2168, Kealakekua, HI 96750-2168
Company Type: Private
No. of Stores: Only available online
Annual Revenue: Information not available
No. of Employees: Information not available
Geography: United States
Demography: Value Shoppers, Gourmet coffee lovers

Island Moon Coffee

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