Spinach Products Fresh Express announced a voluntary recall of nine cases of its spinach products. The reason for the recall is the possibility of contamination by the Salmonella bacteria.

The product recall was announced after it was found that an example tested positive for Salmonella in a random sampling. The affected products have sell-by dates of April 6 and April 7 and with UPC number 7127913204. The affected products’ codes start with H082 and H081 and are packed in spinach bags having a net weight of 9 ounces.

Retail stores are advised to remove the recalled products from their display shelves and inventories.

Salmonella is one of the most harmful bacteria that can contaminate food and infect humans. Common symptoms of infection include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, fever, vomiting and headache. For people with existing health conditions such as cancer, AIDS or diabetes, Salmonella can bring more serious health risks and can possibly be fatal. Salmonella infection can also become fatal to others with weak immune systems such as children and elderly people.

At the time of the recall, no health related incidences had been reported which could be linked to the affected spinach product.

The recalled spinach was distributed in various retail stores in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. It may have also been redistributed in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia and District of Columbia.

Consumers who were able to buy the product are urged to return it to the store in order to be given a refund. They may also call the company’s Consumer Response Department at 800-242-5472, Monday until Friday. A representative will be available to assist them with their concerns from 5 AM until 8 PM PST.