Zapp’s ChipsZapp’s Potato Chips is a potato chip manufacturing company based in Louisiana in the U.S. The company manufactures and distributes kettle-cooked chips to all parts of the USA. It also sells its products online, including potato chips and special T-shirts.

Zapp’s Potato Chips was founded by Ron Zappe in Gramercy, Louisiana in 1985. Zappe completed his studies in industrial engineering at Texas A&M University. After his studies, he started a business in Houston that distributes oil field equipment, including pumps. He had to discontinue his business due to the oil crisis in the 1980s. The company suffered huge losses and he became bankrupt.

One day, his wife, Anne, got him some kettle-cooked potato chips. He liked them so much that he decided to open a potato chip manufacturing company. With that intention in mind, he relocated to Louisiana. He needed a bank loan to start the new business. But, because of his bad history, no one was ready to lend him money. Almost 10 banks rejected him, but Zappe did not become disappointed. He continued his search for a loan, and at last, a bank agreed to give him a loan for his business.

He spent the next few years learning the secrets of making the best kettle cooked potato chips. He also started doing experiments to find the perfect recipe for his chips. Finally, he came up with a great tasting recipe, and started making potato chips. He made his chips in large kettles and cooked them in peanut oil. Zappe also made manufacturing equipment for the company. In 1997, he got an opportunity to appear on Oprah Winfrey Show. His business was also featured in People Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. His popularity indicated how successful his business was.

Over the years, he introduced many flavors and his customers loved each one of them. Zappe then thought of adding a spicy touch to his chips, and this paved way for the introduction of the famous Cajun Crawtators, which became an instant hit. The potato chips manufactured by Zapp’s are certified Kosher. The well known products of the company include Cajun Crawtators, Cajun Dill Gator-tators, and Sour Cream and Creole Onion chips. The company also produces limited edition chips on occasion.

In 2010, Ron Zappe passed away. In January 2011, Zapp’s announced that its acquisition by Utz Quality Foods in Pennsylvania was in progress.

Company headquarters: Gramercy, LA., USA
Ownership: Private
Number of employees: 200
Geography: USA, Caribbean
Demography: Young, Natural and Organic

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