Organic Food Bar Inc. Organic Food Bar Inc. announced a product recall for its chocolate chip food bar products. The food bars were recalled because they may contain an undeclared ingredient, peanut, which is considered a food allergen.

The recall was made after it was discovered that cross contamination of materials on the part of their vendor The Company has stated that their facility does not contain peanuts, as they have always been a peanut free facility. The company has resolved that situation by changing to a new vendor who assured them that they have a dedicated and separate line for nut processes and therefore will have no possibility for cross contamination.

Information on the recalled chocolatey chip food bars is below:
Lot number             –                 Expire date                 –                       UPC code

3071210                  –                 12 Jul 2011                 –                 873521000220

2071210                  –                 12 Jul 2011                 –                 873521000220

02081610               –                August 2011                –                 873521000220

01081610               –                 August 2011                –                 873521000220

04092710              –                 27 Sep 2011                –                 873521000220

The affected products were shipped packed in 12 pieces per carton.

Peanut as a food allergen can cause minor to serious allergy attacks, especially to people who have a hypersensitivity to it. For people with pre-existing medical conditions or have weakened immune systems, an allergy attack could be fatal.

The affected chocolate chip food bars were distributed in retail stores throughout Canada and the United States. They were also distributed through direct order, as well as mail order. Customers who were able to buy the recalled chocolate chip food bars are urged to return them in exchange for a refund. They may also call the company’s hotline at 1-800-246-4685 from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM until 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.