Deep River Snacks Deep River Snacks is an American company that primarily produces gourmet kettle-cooked potato chips. The company is based in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Deep River Snacks was created in 2001 by James Goldberg, founder and current president of the Old Lyme Gourmet Company. He started the business by producing his flagship product, cheese popcorn, the recipe for which he had spent years testing.

Since its inception, the company has stuck to its system of taste testing in order to create the best tasting gourmet products on the market. Testing participants go through a ‘blind tasting’ of a potential Deep River Snack product against a competitor product. If the company’s product is not chosen as the best, it will have to go through several improvements until it is picked as having the best taste. The recipes for Deep River Snacks products have always been created in-house and the chips are produced at its manufacturing facility at a Midwest location.

In 2006, Deep River Snacks reached gross sales of $1 million, and sales continued to increase. In 2009, the company reached a 72 percent increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Currently, Deep River Snacks has nine varieties of kettle-cooked potato chips, two varieties of baked fries and the original product, cheese popcorn. Chip flavors include original salted, Mesquite BBQ, Salt and Cracked Pepper, Asian Sweet and Spicy, Sharp White Cheddar, Zesty Jalapeno, Salt and Vinegar and Sweet Maui Onion.

As the company considers its customers’ preferences, they make sure that their products are all natural, better tasting and healthier (kosher and gluten-free) than what their competitors offer. To better serve their customers and be more up-to-date with their customers’ preferences, the company has also entered the world of online social networking. Deep River Snacks now has a Facebook page that allows the company to get feedback from its customers about their gourmet chip products.

Although major grocery chains like Wal-Mart have asked to be a retailer of Deep River Snacks, Goldberg believes that their products would be more appropriately displayed and retailed in health food establishments and independent stores. Goldberg has not discounted the idea of distributing in high-end retailers like Roche Brothers (Massachusetts) though.

Company headquarter address: Old Lyme, Connecticut
Ownership: Private, Family-owned
No. of Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA, Japan
Demography: gourmet shoppers, quality shoppers

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