Le Bon Patisserie Le Bon Patisserie announced a voluntary product recall on some of its products last April 5. The reason for the recall is the possibility that undeclared allergens may be present in the products.

Egg, wheat, walnuts, pistachios and milk may be present as ingredients in the products despite being undeclared. The recall was made after it was found that the product packaging did not list the allergens as ingredients. The FDA has been informed of this product recall. Since the recall, the company has ordered new labels which correctly identify all ingredients. The new labels are now being used on all products that are currently outgoing.

The affected products were packed in clear containers (plastic snap) and with labels in blue, red and white. The recalled products are the following:

Product                           Net weight                           Undeclared allergen                           UPC code
Day and Night                    14 ounces
32 ounces                                          wheat                                669038000118
Napoleon                            14 ounces
30 ounces                                           wheat                               669038010018
Assorted cake                    12 ounces
24 ounces                                 wheat, egg, walnuts
Pistachios                        669038000125
Cake (Bird milk)                14 ounces                                             wheat                               not applicable
24 ounces
Cake (Honey)                     24 ounces                                      wheat, walnut                      669038000323
French cookies                 12 ounces                                         egg, wheat                         669038419026
Nazook                                12 ounces                                          egg, milk                           669038000033

The affected products have been distributed and sold in retail stores in Southern California. The dates of distribution were from March 16 to March 26.

No related allergy attacks or other health incidences have been reported which are connected to the product recall.

In order to get a refund, customers are required to return the product from recalled batches to the stores they purchased from. They may also call the company at 818-957-7576 from Monday to Friday, 8 AM until 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.