Acai Roots is a privately-owned US company primarily engaged in producing and distributing food products made from acai (pronounced Ah-Sigh-EE) berries. The company headquarters is located in San Diego, California, USA.

Several Brazilian expatriates established Acai Roots in 2005. The idea of creating their own company came after playing soccer one day. Having come from Brazil, friends Rafael Magalhaes, Marco Rega and Igor Pereira wanted to create a product that promoted something good from their home country.

These three friends have always known acai berries and what benefits it gives the body. Back in the Cariocas area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, acai berries played a significant role in the people’s active lifestyle and in their balanced diet. Although acai berries were imported to the US from Brazil, Rafael, Igor and Marco felt that the berries imported were just not the same as the acai berries found in Cariocas of Rio, the berries they grew up with.

This is what prompted the three friends to start Acai Roots™. When the business was formally established, the company started offering healthy and delicious acai berry products to the market. Acai Roots’ products are formulated to exact Brazilian standards.

Acai Roots gets its acai berries from Para, a state in northern Brazil that is considered the best source for all-natural, great quality wild acai berries. These berries are then converted by the company to various forms like acai pure juice, acai sorbet, frozen pulp, freeze-dried acai and acai energy shots.

The founders of Acai Root, aside from being health enthusiasts, are also very committed to promoting a sustainable environment. Acai Roots supports the protection of Brazil’s rainforests. The company also supports the improvement of the lives of people living in Brazil’s densely populated ‘favelas’ (urban barrios). Acai Roots also actively supports a program known as Rhythm of Hope, which offers mentoring and other activities to help people break the cycle of violence and drug abuse.

Phillip Wagner, Rhythm of Hope’s co-founder, thinks of Acai Roots as a “good corporate citizen” because of how the company shows its conscience. Wagner also applauds Acai Roots for producing great products that are made from acai berries, a fruit considered as one of the “super foods” today.

Headquarters: San Diego, California
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: Retail products consumers

Acai Roots

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