The Belgium Company is a Florida-based food manufacturing business primarily engaged in the production of butter and cheese. The company makes these products for retail as well as orders for customized creamery products from corporate businesses.

The Belgium Company has been in existence for over 25 years, during which the company has practiced the process of creating butter by pressing it into molds. This traditional process allows the company to avoid melting the product in order for it to be poured. As melting the butter makes it lose 80% of its quality, the company is able to preserve the original quality of its butter by using the press method.

The Belgium Company was founded by Nino and Zet Mazzaro in 1976. The company came about during a time when Nino and Zet were working very hard to salvage their authentic Belgian waffle and espresso business. The owners first experienced success in their business with the custom-molded potato croquet that they supplied to the Peabody Hotel.

However, custom-molded potato croquets were seasonal products, thought of as too extravagant to make year-round, so the company was faced with a dilemma. Finally, Zet came up with the idea of producing custom-molded butter instead of potatoes and the two founders decided to try it. With this unique product, Zet and Nino were able to start the growth of their business and soon the demand for their products began to increase so rapidly that the company decided to build a bigger processing plant.

With the death of Zet and Nino in 2007, management of the company was taken over by their sons, Nino and Gino. Today, under the brothers’ leadership, The Belgium Company has now expanded to new markets. Despite operating for more than 25 years, the company’s process still remains the same and the molds used in creating the products are still the ones designed and made by Nino Mazzaro.

To date, The Belgium Company produces custom-molded butter and cheese for events like conventions, weddings, sporting events, anniversaries, birthdays, and corporate parties. The company’s customers include restaurants, hotels, corporate companies and wholesale vendors. Products ordered by these customers are delivered to them according to their preferred designs and preferences.

Headquarters: St. Cloud,Florida
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Corporate businesses, restaurants, wholesale vendors, hotels

The Belgium Company

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