Acme Fresh MarketA well known name in the food store chain industry, Acme Fresh Market, serves various counties, with its head office based in Ohio. Its founder was Mr. Fred W. Albrecht, born and raised in Massillon, Ohio.

Acme was first known as Albrecht’s, in 1891 located in Massillon, Ohio. Mr. Albrecht sold out the store and moved to Akron, Ohio looking for greater opportunities. He bought a small grocery store and it became the first Acme store. In the middle of 1901, Albrecht opened the second Acme store between Thornton and Voris, Ohio, and over the next 20 years or so, there were more than 100 food stores opened.

As Acme Fresh Market grew, Mr. Albrecht had higher ambitions. Acme Fresh opened a secondary store chain named Click in 1965. The first Acme-Click store, currently Acme Fresh Market store #17, served as a department store, and a full Acme Fresh Market store in Stow. In the early 1970s, Acme took a new route and expanded their stores adding Youngfellow Drugstore and opened their first grocery store with a pharmacy store called Y-Mart. It provided an experience like Walgreens, with a drug store and a limited variety of food and gift items. The stores received new names in the 1990s: Click changed to Acme Super Centers, while Y-Mart changed to Acme Express.

In the late 1990s all the Acme Super Centers and the Acme Express closed. While some became Acme Fresh Markets, and some others were purchased by CVS Pharmacy. Acme moved away from non-food items, and restored the other locations back into the original Acme Fresh Market.

A number of Acme Fresh Market facilities are still in business. Stores by Acme Fresh Market together with Akron General formed a team to provide walk-in medical clinics inside selected stores. Acme Fresh Market offers a discount card that provides special discounts to customers through sales and special discounts on food items in the store. In 2009 Acme Fresh Market got together with local Circle K stores to offer gasoline discounts through the Acme savings card, which is used at the pump to cash in credits earned.

Industry: Grocery Retail
Founded: 1891
Headquarters: Akron, Ohio, U.S.
No. of Stores: 16 (fifteen own and one franchise)
Geography: Northern Ohio
Products: Grocery, Pharmacy, Dairy, Frozen, Organic, Produce, Deli, Meat, Bakery, Floral, Alcohol, general merchandise.

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