grocey departmental storeDespite an improving economy, shoppers are still cautious about spending too much money in a regular grocery store or supermarket, where prices are still a bit higher. Most shoppers now prefer to do their grocery shopping at smaller discount food stores that give emphasis to value.

Discount grocery store chains, such as Save-a-Lot and Aldi, have opened more than a dozen stores in Pennsylvania in the last few years. Giant Eagle Inc. has also been operating 5 of its own discount stores, Valu King, in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

As many consumers are becoming more value-conscious shoppers, an increasing number of consumers are now willing to try these discount stores in order to have more for less. However, as these discount stores offer limited assortment of goods, they might have to go grocery hopping from one discount store to another. This does not discourage the customers though, as they prefer to get as much grocery as their budget will allow, and this will not be the case if they go grocery shopping at a regular supermarket.

Shoppers in discount stores say they save more than a hundred dollars a month making purchases there as compared to ending up well over their budget when they shop at regular supermarkets. That fact is definitely a selling point that discount stores have over normal grocery stores and supermarkets. With the continuing concern over food inflation and customers feeling the stress of higher-priced commodities, discount grocery stores will continue to increase, their growth being fed by the growing number of value shoppers.