Agromex is a food processing company engaged in the production of pork products. F. Ménard, a leading pork producer in Canada, owns the company.

Agromex was founded with the goal of offering customers with premium quality pork and eventually help Quebec’s future when it comes to the food industry. The company achieves this goal by controlling each stage of pork processing. Agromex also aims to provide and maintain healthy competition when it comes to the international markets.

As part of its commitment to the environment, the company continues to work on promoting preventative and proactive approaches in order to protect the environment. It strictly maintains the health and safety of the workplace, and food safety continues to be one of the company’s main priorities so that consumers all over the world get to experience premium quality pork that is safe. This excellent quality pork begins with the condition of the pigs at the farm. The animals are all free from any injury, pain, illness, or discomfort. These pigs also do not experience hunger, thirst or malnutrition, as breeders make sure that the animals are always fed on time.

Current owner F. Ménard acquired Agromex in 1998. This acquisition was a good development for Agromex as it allowed the company to expand its operations, thereby offering more products to its customers.

Agromex owns an ultra-modern processing facility that specializes in the slaughtering and butchering of pigs. Every week, the facility processes about 20,000 pigs and thus is able to supply its customers with customized product orders. The company’s facility is HACCP-certified since the year 2003. As always, being a HACCP-certified company is always an advantage, as it guarantees customers all over the world that its products are superior and safe. Agromex supplies pork products to other countries other than Canada. Among the international markets that it competes in are the US, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Agromex has been operating as a pork processing company for more than 40 years, over which time it has gained recognition as a global producer of delicious pork products that are of a superior quality.

Headquarters: Ange-Gardien, Quebec
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica, The Ukraine, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and the Philippines
Demography: Foodservice companies, food retail companies

Agromex, Le Passe Porc

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