California-based food company Pacific International Marketing is voluntary recalling its Cilantro, with the assistance of the Food and Drug Administration. The recalled cilantro are believed to be contaminated by the Salmonella bacteria.

The problem was discovered when  a sample of Pacific-branded cilantro was tested and found to contain Salmonella. 6,141 cartons of Pacific Cilantro are involved in the recall. The cartons contain either 60 bunches, 30 bunches and 20 pieces of 3-bunched sleeves of cilantro. The bunched cilantro has the label “Pacific” on its twist tie, with the UPC code 3383 80104 printed on it as well. The sleeves indicate a UPC code of 40695 80104. The recalled cilantro was distributed in food retail stores in the areas of California, Massachusetts, Indiana, Missouri, Arizona, New Jersey and South Carolina. Consumers are advised to return any Pacific- branded cilantro purchased after the 16th of November  but before the 10th of December. Codes indicated on the recalled cartons of cilantro are the following: 19 78 111411, 19 78 111811, 19 78 111911, 19 84 111811, 19 84 111911, 19 94 111811, 19 94 111911, 19 78 112111.

Salmonella is a very harmful bacterial contaminant. This bacteria can cause fatal infections in people with weakened immune systems, like elderly people or those with an existing medical conditions. A salmonella infection can also cause fatal infections in very young children. Common symptoms of an infection caused by this bacteria include fever, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes bloody diarrhea. To date however, there have been no medical emergencies linked to the recalled cilantro.

Consumers who have questions about this recall can contact Pacific International Marketing at its hotline 831 755 1398.