Alaska Silk Pie Company is a privately owned food company engaged mainly in bakery and pastry products. The company is most popularly known for its gluten-free products.

Phyllis Buzzini started the Alaska Silk Pie Company over 25 years ago. She used her unemployment check (worth $500) to finance her new business just after her and her partner’s wine bar in Anchorage, Alaska failed.

Phyllis was able to make and bake her products in her friend’s restaurant, where she rented time to do all the needed cooking and baking. She worked on her products at her friend’s restaurant every day from 6:00 in the evening until 6:00 in the morning, Monday through Saturday, and kept Sundays dedicated to her family. For transporting and delivering her products, Phyllis had “disposable cars, ” as she liked to call them, as they cost no more that a hundred and fifty dollars (because that was all that she was willing to spend on a car) and when the cars broke, she just disposed of them.

In the business’ early years, all three of Phyllis’ daughters, Bridgette, Angie and Erin, worked together and helped make the products in order to help their mother. As soon as their homework was done, all of them would roll out crusts and start working on the orders. Aside from accepting orders, the sisters would also sell their products at ball games or other outdoor functions. Eventually, the family was able to pass those early stages and their business started to be recognized and grow.

In July of 2009, Alaska Silk Pie Company celebrated its 24th year of being in business. From the company’s humble beginnings, it has now grown into an established bakery and pastry business that many consumers love and patronize. Among the company’s most popular products are its chocolate desserts, which are made from the finest ingredients.

The company also has a line of “Alaska Silk Pies” in different flavours. Pastry chefs who are experts in creating unique and incredible desserts now create the company’s desserts. Alaska Silk Pies products are sold in a number of established food retail stores and restaurants all over the country such as Neiman Marcus and Schwartz Brothers Restaurants.

Headquarters: Washington, USA
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Retail food consumers

Alaska Silk Pie Company

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