Rich Products Corp. announced on January 5, a voluntary recall against its artificially flavored sponge cake. The recall was made because little fragments of plastic were found on top of the product.

Below is specific information about the recalled product:

Description: “1/4 Sheet Vanilla-Flavored Pre-Soaked Sponge Cake Artificially Flavored”

Product code: 00405

UPC code: 00049800004054

Production date: after 7-10-2011

Size of plastic fragments found on the product: from ¼ inch to ¾ inch

The recalled sponge cake was not packed for retail. Rather, it was distributed per case mainly to in-store bakeries all over the country. Some were also distributed to foodservice operators. The company has already notified its customers about the recall, and has included instructions on how to remove and destroy the product. The rest of the affected sponge cake, which was still under the company’s control have already been quarantined and are waiting to be destroyed.

Upon investigation of the problem, it was found that what caused it is a resin change in the plastic packaging. The supplier changed the resin that they normally used for the product’s packaging. Rich Products is working with the supplier to make sure that all the defective packaging is removed and that a new monitoring system should make sure that the same problem does not happen again.

To date, there have been no reports about people getting sick because of the recalled sponge cake. Consumers who may be concerned about the recall, or the product, can call Rich Product’s helpline at 800-356-7094 (for those in the US) or 800-263-8174 (for those in Canada).