In a recent survey conducted by MFI, or Market Force Information Incorporated, discount chain ALDI grabbed first place in the ranking for top 10 grocery stores offering the lowest prices.

Aside from ALDI, other discount stores which placed as well, include Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway, Costco and Meijer. In all of ALDI’s stores, consumers can save as much as 50 percent on grocery items without having to use coupons or having to buy in bulk.

In the survey, consumers were asked to indicate which grocery store they often shopped at for the lowest prices and ALDI ranked number one. Consumers were also asked to rank which store came first in terms of low pricing, service, location, cleanliness, food quality and checkout system.

As for scores, ALDI got 157, Wal-Mart followed with 129 and Costco followed close by, getting 120 points. Along with the results of the ranking, Market Force’s analysis also revealed that consumers’ choice of which supermarket to shop at is largely driven by factors such as location (67 percent), price (57 percent), promotions and good sales (52 percent) and availability of very good private-brand products (38 percent). A small percentage of those who were surveyed preferred to shop in certain stores because of their green policies and sustainable environment (5 percent). Overall, a majority of consumers who were surveyed said that they are satisfied with the level of service that they are given at their preferred grocery store and that their grocery experience has always been good so far.

As for ALDI, the discount chain’s newest branch is the one located in Lisbon, Ohio. For this year, ALDI still has plans to open up 80 more stores all over the country.