Aldi Food StoreIn Columbia, Missouri, the newly relocated and expanded Aldi grocery store recently opened its doors to a large expectant crowd.

Aldi grocery stores started putting up its branches in Missouri since 1979. Currently, the grocery chain already has three stores, with the branch in Columbia being the third one. The said branch has also relocated a few times, this relocation being the most recent. Aldi in Columbia, Missouri now has a new address at 807 Business Loop 70 West.

This newly relocated store is also larger, as it has been expanded and renovated to have open ceilings, which was unlike the old store. The purpose of the open ceilings is to allow more natural light to enter the store. According to Mark Bersted, Aldi’s division vice president, there was a need for relocation because the store has already outgrown its old location and establishment.

During the store’s grand opening, a huge number of shoppers were drawn into the store, causing a shortage of parking slots. Dave Clark, Aldi’s district manager, was happy to share that their grand opening was so successful in drawing in a huge crows, an occurrence which does not happen often in the area. Clark added that at some point the store even only had 5 grocery carts left from its 100 shopping carts.

Customers have expressed positive feedbacks about the newly relocated and renovated Aldi grocery store. They particularly appreciate the bigger area, which meant more room to move around looking for grocery items that they need. They have also said that the new store also offered more choices and still remained to provide them with high quality low-priced products.