Potato ChipsNorth Fork Potato Chips is a family owned company focused on producing and distributing potato chips. The company is currently based in Long Island, New York.

The company traces its roots back to Sidor’s potato farm in Mattituck, New York, in 1910. Over the years, potatoes underwent a decline from being one of Long Island’s key crops and Sidor’s, being very dependent on the potato farm, was hit hard by this blow.  This combined with an accident that happened to the eldest Sidor son forced the family to consider the option of giving up the potato farm.

In 1973, with the hope of saving and keeping the family’s 170-acre potato farm in Matituck, Martin and Carol Sidor thought of marketing their homegrown potatoes as potato chips that have been kettle-cooked in sunflower oil. The couple started the potato chip business with the purpose of preserving the Sidor potato farm, so that future generations would be able to benefit from it and continue to nurture it.

After a few years, the company created its website and soon after was receiving online orders by the case. As the company grew, so did their product line of potato chips, which now included the flavors sour cream and onion, as well as cheddar and onion. All the raw potatoes used in the production of the potato chips still come from the Sidor’s farm in Mattituck, Long Island, New York.

North Fork Potato Chips have gained popularity over the years, receiving commendations from tennis fans in Miami to the former mayor of New York Ed Koch.  Mayor Koch even mentioned the potato chips as being his favorite to celebrity Whoopi Goldberg.

The company’s potato chips have received a number of commendations in print media, including The Independent (January 2004), New York Times (March 2004), Bon Appetit (January 2009) and WellWed (Fall and Winter 2009).

Currently, North Fork Potato Chips are distributed and sold in the states of California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Utah. As part of their commitment to sustainability, the Sidor family uses biodiesel, a renewable domestic fuel derived from sunflower oil, to run their machinery.

Company headquarter address: Long Island, New York
Ownership: Private, Family-owned
No. of Employees: information not available
Geography: Across the United States
Demography: young and old, quality shoppers

North Fork Potato Chips

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