Aldi has recently announced that it has partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture in order to carry out a special project aimed at American consumers. The project, or campaign, will basically encourage consumers to fill half of their plates with vegetables and fruits.

Discount store chain Aldi will be launching a campaign in all of its stores in the United States. The campaign is in alignment with the USDA’s nutrition campaign and these two organizations will be working side by side for the success of the project. The campaign is represented by a MyPlate icon, and urges consumers to follow good nutrition by filling half of their plates with vegetables and fruits.

According to USDA’s Deputy Director Dr. Robert Post, partners like discount chain Aldi help the USDA spread its message about nutrition to consumers all over the country. It also prompts consumers to consider building a nutritious plate during every mealtime. He also added that the icon MyPlate, is a simple symbol that will help remind people to always think about the types of food that they choose, and that their choices should lead to a healthier lifestyle, as much as possible.

Since USDA’s nutrition program coincides with Aldi’s aim, which is to provide premium quality products at the lowest prices possible, Aldi entered into the partnership in order to do its part in helping Americans half-fill their plates with healthy plant-based foods.

Aldi MyPlate, which is the name of the joint campaign, is estimated to reach over 20 million customers every month. In the campaign, Aldi will be offering produce at prices that are significantly lower than produce sold at traditional grocery stores.