About Aldi Supermarket

Aldi is an international discount grocery chain, with 31 locations in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest United States. Aldi has 1,200 chain stores and owns grocery chain Trader Joe’s. Aldi grocery store sell 95% of Aldi Brand prodcuts, which provide for lower prices and better deals, although most of your favorite brands and names will not be found shopping here. The stores offer everything from fresh produce and meats, to dairy, frozen foods, baked goods, canned goods and paper products. Generally, shoppers at Aldi bring their own fabric bags, or can purchase paper/plastic bags in stores, in order to cut down on waste and and contribute to environmental conservation as well as lower prices in store. Aldi grocery stores do not accept credit cards, only debit and EBT.

Aldi’s Work Environment

Aldi has over a thousand stores across the eastern half of the United States, providing plenty of varying job opportunities. The work can be physically difficult, lifting heavy objects and sometimes even operating machinery. According to many employee reviews, Aldi lacks in providing proper training for the use of the equipment which results in a large number of workplace injuries, including broken bones and torn muscles. This makes for an unsafe work environment. There seem to be good benefits for long-term employees, though the hours are long and the work is physically exhausting. A weak management system creates poor communication, improper training and less room for advancement. There are limited breaks, and sometimes weeks can go by without a day off. Although shoppers and customers are very happy with Aldi and their products, the employee reviews (mostly part-time employees) are negative and do not reflect Aldi as being a beneficial employment opportunity or career environment.

Job Opportunities at Aldi

There are two sections of work positions at Aldi, under staff and store management. Positions for staff include cashier, stocker, different departments such as produce, meats, canned goods, etc. Store Management jobs more based in customer service, support and store/employee maintenance. Aldi provides great benefits for its employees, such as high wages than most grocery retailers, medical/dental insurance, vacation time, paid holidays and a 401k. There is limited elaboration on further job opportunities through Aldi’s website.

How to Apply for a Job

The only options in applying for Aldi employment are in-store or through their hiring events, which can be found on their website. An application may be printed out online, but can only be brought into the store or when attending a hiring event. Hiring events take place in specific locations and are sometimes limited to the certain position needed, or can offer several different options. The lack of information about HR, application, job description and requirements on Aldi’s website seems to reflect their negative reviews on workplace environment.


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