BJ's Wholesale

What is BJ’s Wholesale

BJ’s Wholesale is a membership warehouse club that has over 190 different clubs from Maine all the way to Florida. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to join and become a member.  The appeal of being a club member is that you can save over 30% on every item in store, including all national brands, organic and natural foods and USDA choice meats. In addition to fresh produce, baked goods and meats, BJ’s has a large selection of home appliances, office supplies, clothing, health and beauty products, and much more. BJ’s also accepts all manufacturers coupons, plus their own coupons, and has Optical and Gas departments as well. There are three levels of membership, the first two being private and business at $50 a year, and the last being rewards at $100 a year.

Working at BJ’s

BJ’s warehouses employee approximately 24,000 team members in various departments. BJ’s provides its employees with a Friday breakfast or dinner, and three breaks during a shift that is approximately 8.5 hours.  The general reviews among employees report that co-workers seems to get along very well and there isn’t much competition, so the atmosphere is friendly and helpful. There is also an employee discount of an unlisted percentage on all products in the store. There don’t seem to be many benefits for part-time employees, and full-time workers will start to receive benefits after one year. According to the reviews, general flexibility in schedule is very limited and the work can be last minute call-ins, which make having a set schedule outside of work hours quite difficult. Advancement within the company has been listen as very political and based on social rather than professional standards. Overall, the employee reviews show that BJ’s is a good, steady place to work temporarily, but is not an ideal location for a set career.

Job Opportunities at BJ’s

Jobs at BJ’s are broken down into two types which fall under in-club and sales, and administration. In-club and sales positions include cashiers, deli clerks, bakers, department supervisors, deli, stock and others. Administration positions include club management, distribution, media, finance, and corporate office. There are both part-time and full-time positions available in both sections.

How to Apply for a Job

Applications for both sections of employment can be found directly through BJ’s website. The application process is done online. In order to apply, you need to first select a club location, and then a position from the list provided. After this, the application process gets a bit tedious. Registration with a valid email and social security number are needed, followed by a short questionnaire about personal history and work related history. After these 6 questions are complete, you will be taken to an online application form where you can fill in your resume.


If you’ve been employed or tried to apply for employment at BJ’s Warehouse, please share your experience by leaving a comment below.