Canada’s Food Inspection Agency, CFIA, has announced an allergen alert regarding three varieties of cereal bars. The cereal bars contain milk, which is considered a common food allergen.

The affected cereal bars are sold under the Mrs. Freshley’s label and are sold in a multipack. The affected varieties are “Apple Cinnamon & Pastry Cereal Bars” (UPC code of 072250002400), Strawberry Fruit & Pastry Cereal Bars” (UPC code 072250002387) and “Blueberry Fruit & Pastry Cereal Bars” (UPC code 072250002363). All varieties have a total net weight of 170 grams (6 cereal bars in a package, each bar being 28 grams). The cereal bars have milk as part of the ingredients, but it has not been included in the products’ list of ingredients. The cereal bars were distributed in retail stores in the area of Quebec and Ontario, but it is believed that the products may have been distributed nationwide.

People who are sensitive to milk in all of its forms are likely to experience an allergy attack if they consume food that has this ingredient. In people who have weakened immune systems or those who already have an existing medical condition, an allergy attack can be more serious and may even become fatal. Currently, there have been no cases of allergy attacks reported that are related to the affected products.

Flower Foods, the cereal bars’ US manufacturer, has already announced a recall of the products in the market. CFIA is also working with Flower Foods in order to have the affected product removed from the country’s retail stores. Consumers who have concerns regarding this recall can call the company’s Customer Service Department at 1-866-245-8921, from 8 AM until 5 PM EST on weekdays. They can also send an e-mail through (on its “Contact Us” page).